ALBIN GROUP MARINE – Albin Group Marine is an expert in pumps and pump solutions for leisure and commercial boats. Albin Group Marine develop a complete product portfolio for water management onboard: albinus Pumps and Pump Solutions, which include bilge pumps, wastewater pumps, water pressure pumps, impeller pumps, replacement impellers, marine toilets, water heaters, ventilation blowers and defrosters, as well as water treatment products and albinex Pump Out Stations for emptying your holding tanks in marinas.

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AIRHEAD SPORTS GROUP – The leading worldwide supplier of towable inflatable water toys, including the famed Airhead and Sportsstuff range of products. Kwik Tek is also a leading supplier of wakeboards, kneeboards, water skis, personal floatation devices (UL and CE), snow sleds and many other unique products and related accessories. Kwik Tek is also the supplier of world-famous Jet Logic personal watercraft accessories, ATV Logic all-terrain vehicle accessories, Dry Pak waterproof cases and ScootR Logic scooter accessories.

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AQUA-LEISURE RECREATION, LLC is dedicated to creating quality products for a broad range of water sport, swim, dive, and swim training activities. They have various products and brands, including swim goggles and masks, pool lounges and floats, marine lounges and platforms, swim training aids, and outdoor games. For 50 years, they have been one of the leading producers of swim gear and aquatic products in the United States.

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BARNEGAT LIGHT – America’s premier manufacturer of hull docking lights, underwater and swim platform lights, dock underwater lights, interior lighting, plus a wide range of specialty lighting products for many marine applications.

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BUCCANEER ROPE COMPANY – The Buccaneer Rope Company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality rope products, under the same ownership and operating management, for over 27 years. Buccaneer has pioneered the development of specialized factory equipment to meet the ever-increasing high volume production, quality and safety standards. Each of the strands are metered and measured as they are formed into rope, guaranteeing that the length of each strand is exactly the same. This provides a balanced and safer rope with each strand carrying the same equal load.

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CAMP CO. – The major USA supplier of electrolysis anodes. Camp offers a full range of the highest quality zinc anodes for shafts, rudders, trim tabs, hulls, most outboard, inboard/outboard, and inboard diesel engines. A wide variety of sizes, including metric sizes, are all available at competitive prices.

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C.H.YATES TRAILER ROLLERS – was established in 1972, and today is the largest USA manufacturer of rubber and thermal plastic boat trailer rollers, in all shapes and sizes, and also the leading manufacturer of plastic caster wheels in the USA. CH Yates is the original trailer roller supplier to most major USA trailer manufacturers, and to the largest trailer roller distributors. Very competitive costs are available for export markets, due to C.H. Yates very large production volume.

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COBRA ELECTRONIC CORPORATION – is a leading global manufacturer of navigation and communication products, with a track record of delivering innovative and award-winning products. Building upon its early leadership position in the GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar detector and citizens band radio industries, Cobra has today become a new leader in the marine electronics market with their range of feature packed GPS products, chart plotters and waterproof VHF transceivers.

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COLE HERSEE – America’s premier producer of marine electrical products, truly manufactured in the U.S. The range includes ignition switches, push button, push-pull, toggle and rocker switches as well as terminal and fuse blocks. Solenoids, battery selector switches, indicator lights, and many other key electrical items fill out the range. This is the top quality range of electrical products for boats, yachts, and ships.

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DAVIS INSTRUMENTS – Davis became a global leader in the marine industry with their range of unique and innovative specialty product solutions, navigation aids, wind and weather instruments…, in just 50 years! The Davis product line consists of a wide range of globally popular products and brands, including Davis WindTrak Wind Vanes, Shockles shock absorbing solutions, Windscoops, Outboard Hoisting Harness, Echomaster Radar Reflector, Trolling Plates, Master sextants, and much more.

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DOMETIC – The leading world manufacturer of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic marine steering and control systems. Dometic is also a leading manufacturer of marine control cables, marine engine and drive parts, engine jack plates, marine hose, lubricants and much more. Whether for OEM’s or aftermarket, Dometic has the solution you need. Dometic products are engineered for safety and reliability and are used by most major boat builders in the USA and worldwide.

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FARIA/BEEDE INSTRUMENTS – The world’s leading and largest marine instrument and gauge manufacturer. Faria/Beede is the supplier of marine instruments and gauges to the vast majority of USA boat builders, marine distributors and panel manufacturers. Clamshell product, bulk-packed product and customized products are all available from Faria/Beede.

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FIREBOY-XINTEX – Engine compartment automatic fire extinguishers with new HFC-227ea agents, actuated automatically by direct heat. The unit is self-contained and is easily installed in engine compartments. Environmentally accepted, colorless, odorless agents leave no residue and will not damage internal engine parts. Xintex also offers monitors for fuel vapors, propane, carbon monoxide and a liquid level monitor. Aetna digital gauges offer accuracy and a great look to any panel.

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FORESTAR INDUSTRIES – Forestar Specializes in the Design of High-Quality Aluminum and Stainless Steel Seat, Table Pedestals, Accessories and more.

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GOLIGHT – is a leading global designer and manufacturer of remote controlled, handheld and portable lighting solutions, in both 12v and 24v models, for the marine and recreational vehicle markets. All Golight searchlights and spotlights combine a unique 370° rotation with 135° tilt—creating a sphere of coverage that reaches the most extreme angles. Golight features three remote control options, including wireless, to give the user precision control from virtually anywhere. The highest quality UV materials are implemented into our impact resistant housing to protect the Golight from cracking, warping and discoloration. The vital mechanisms of each Golight are sealed from exposure to rain, snow and are saltwater resistant.

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HOPKINS MANUFACTURING CORP. – Headquartered in Emporia, Kansas, Hopkins has been a leading marine and automotive accessory manufacturer for over 65 years; specializing in high-quality, innovative towing products and functional accessories for the automotive and recreational vehicle aftermarkets. Hopkins markets its products under a number of well-recognized brand names, including: Blazer™ Vehicle & Trailer Lighting Products; Carrand™, AutoSpa™, Pacific Coast™ and Detailer’s Choice® Vehicle Cleaning Products; Mallory® squeegees; Bell®, Victor™, Monkey Grip™ and Go Gear® Vehicle Accessories; Sub-Zero® and Mallory® Snow & Ice Tools; Flo-Tool® Fluid Management Products; BrakeBuddy® RV tow brakes; nVISION® Vehicle Safety Products; DUO™ Automotive Air Fresheners; and Juice™ Booster Cables.

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HUBBELL MARINE – offers the world’s most comprehensive range of high quality marine shore power products. Hubbell offers a wide range of stainless steel and non-metallic shore power inlets of traditional style or contemporary design, with superior terminations ranging up to 200 amperes. Hubbell cable sets and adapters are fully molded with mechanically crimped terminations for longer life (available in white or traditional yellow). Hubbell twist-lock® plugs and connectors set the industry standard for superior quality and durability. Hubbell has a large variety of inlets, connectors, and adapters in 125V, 230V, 250V, 480V, 600V, 15A, 16A, 30A, 32A, 50A, 63A, 100A and 200 Amps, plus internationally rated pin & sleeve devices in 240V.

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KING PLASTIC CORP. – King Plastic Corp. is the company that changed the look and standards of boats being built in the United States, with their introduction of King Starboard polymer materials to replace wood in boat building. King polymer sheets can be drilled, screwed, routed and fabricated in the same way, and with the same standard tools, as wood. This material does not absorb water or rot like wood; it lasts much longer and does not require maintenance. King products are supplied in sheets, with different sheet gauges ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches and many colors are available. Additional King HDPE products like Starboard XL, Colorcore, Starboard A/S and many more, make King Plastic the supplier of the widest range of polymer products for the marine industry.

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LECTROTAB – Manufacturer of the most complete range of electric stainless steel and aluminum alloy trim tab sets. Lectrotab’s powerful and quiet actuators, with quality and durability backed by a lifetime warranty, provide an instant response, making them very user-friendly compared to typical hydraulic trim tabs. Lectrotab’s unique actuator combined with Lectrotab’s unique potted and sealed LED indicator switch, provide the best electric trim tab system reliability available. Lectrotab trim tabs contain no fluids and are environmentally friendly. Lectrotab trim tabs are very easy to install and provide an immediate response, allowing your boat to get on plane faster and continue planing at lower speeds, provide improved operator visibility, lower fuel consumption, improved overall performance and ride comfort. Lectrotab also offers a very functional, easy to use, and very economical Automatic Leveling Control or Manual Leveling Control option.

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MAGMA PRODUCTS – the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of grills and related cookware for the marine, RV and camping industries. For over 40 years, boaters have been choosing MAGMA for all of their onboard cooking needs. MAGMA marine grills are built for the sea. Constructed in the USA of 100% 18-9 mirror-polished stainless steel to withstand the harshest of elements – from wind, to rain, to salt. Available in Gas, Charcoal, or Electric Models, including CE approved models. Additional products and accessories from MAGMA include: Grill Boat Mounts, Grill Dock Mounts, Fish Cleaning Tables, Kayak/SUP Racks, Gourmet 10-piece stainless steel compact storage nesting cookware, and much more…

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MOELLER MARINE PRODUCTS – The largest premier manufacturer of rotationally molded, injected, and thermoformed parts in the USA recreational marine industry. Moeller offers the highest quality comprehensive line of portable fuel tanks, permanent fuel tanks, jerry cans, fuel delivery systems and accessories, livewells, water and waste tanks, offshore chairs and much more.

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NATURE POWER PRODUCTS – A renewable energy power products manufacturer. Their products include: semi-flex monocrystalline solar panels, solar battery chargers, power inverters, solar security lighting, and specialized back-up power solutions that include solar home and RV kits. Many of Nature Power Product’s items focus on Green Energy, to provide high-quality and reliable power alternatives to the market.

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NAUTICUS INC. – Nauticus Smart Tabs provide a fully automatic trim and stabilizer system that offer performance and handling improvements for boats 30 feet and smaller. Nauticus trim tabs are completely automatic and do not require any boat operator adjustment. Nauticus unique Smart Tabs self-adjust according to how a boat is running and loaded. Very economical and easy installation since there is no switch, electrical wire, or fluids needed for this trim tab system. Nauticus Smart Tabs improve boat acceleration, ride comfort, bow angle (“hole Shot”), top speed, handling, and fuel economy. Hydrofoils and EZ Board products also available.

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PACER MARINE – The USA marine industry’s primary manufacturer of marine grade wire. Pacer manufactures a full range of marine grade wire and cable, to the highest marine standards and specifications. Pacer incorporates the most flexible and pliable insulation and jacketing materials, which also provide excellent resistance to moisture, acids, oil, gasoline, flame and abrasion. The cable and wire range also includes ABYC (Type III) tinned copper marine wire, boat cable and marine primary wire, lightning retardant cables, signal enhancing cables, ship to shore cable, NMEA 2000® cable… and much more. All products meet or exceed ABYC requirements. Pacer uses only UL-listed compounds with excellent electrical and temperature properties, and also complies with USCG, NMMA, CSA, SAE, ANSI, VDE, ISO and other standards. Many complementary electrical accessories are also supplied by Pacer.

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POWERWINCH – is well-known in the marine industry for their high-quality and performance anchoring and trailering products. Powerwinch offers a comprehensive range of capstans, windlasses and electric trailer winches for a variety of different sized boats and trailers. Remote and wired trailer winches up to 11,500 lbs. boat weight, capstans up to 1,000 lbs. of pulling power and windlasses up to 1,100 lbs. of pulling power. Powerwinch was founded over 50 years ago in Bridgeport, Connecticut and is now located in Fairview, Tennessee as part of the Scott Fetzer Electrical Group portfolio.

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PROSPEC ELECTRONICS – Manufacturer of high performance marine environment audio systems and accessories that include some of the best known names in sound reproduction: SeaWorthy, JBL, and Infinity. Prospec marine stereo sound systems are selected as the original equipment installed by most major U.S. boat builders, and are a large supplier to the marine aftermarket. Their products are manufactured specifically for the marine environment with moisture-proof and corrosion-proof circuit boards, special chassis and Black Box technology, plus waterproof speakers and accessories. A very broad product range is produced to meet the requirements of those requiring sophisticated sound systems at economical prices.

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RITCHIE NAVIGATION – has been the leader in marine compass manufacturing for over 150 years, and has played an integral part in navigation history. In 1850, Physicist Edward S. Ritchie developed the first U.S. manufactured marine compass. Today, Ritchie is a world leading compass manufacturer, offering the most complete range of U.S. made, superior quality compasses, for all applications, from kayaks to commercial and Navy vessels. Ritchie offers a 5-year warranty and has accurately balanced models available for the different magnetic zones in the world, providing the best looking and most precise compasses for navigational purposes.

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SEA-DOG – Since the early 1930’s, Sea-Dog marine products have been and continue today as one of the largest integrated marine gear offerings in the marine industry. The Sea-Dog Line consists of a very broad range of competitively priced products including the most complete offering of marine horns, sailboat hardware, electrical parts and accessories, latches & hinges, hardware, and much more…

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SHURHOLD INDUSTRIES – Shurhold is the oldest and most recognized manufacturer in the USA, and the world, of premier boat and RV specialty maintenance care accessory products. Original creator of the “One Handle Does It All”, exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release system, which locks the Shurhold handle quickly and easily with all Shurhold accessories. Unique rich wood brush heads with rubber protective bumpers and the highest quality bristles are designed for the most discerning yachtsmen and RV owners. The range also includes a selection of swab mop qualities to clean the most rugged or fragile surfaces, squeegees, stainless steel gaff hooks, nets, boat hooks, paddles and many other accessories that fit the Shurhold SHUR-LOK telescoping or fixed deluxe handles. Display racks are also available.

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SIERRA – is the world’s largest supplier of engine replacement parts for all popular brand engines. Sierra’s extensive product line includes; ignition accessories, starters/alternators, outboard/inboard fuel accessories, drive system components, gasket sets, exhaust manifolds and many more marine engine-related items. Additional Sierra divisions include; MARINEWORKS (circuit breakers, fuses, and trailer accessories), SHIELDS (marine hose for bilge, exhaust, fuel, sanitation, and many other applications.

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SIONYX Night Wave and Aurora products are unique, globally patented, ultra-low-light navigational camera systems that provide, at nighttime, an illuminated color without projecting any type of visible light.  It is an inexpensive solution that removes the darkness from the night making navigation at night much easier and safer, for any type of boating. This is made possible by Sionyx’s globally patented Black Silicon CMOS sensor.  View and display the brightened real-time and real live color views of a dark night ahead with Nightwave, through any Multifunction Device (MFD) electronic screen on board by simply plugging into it’s analog video connector, or streaming it directly to your phone or tablet screen.

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SUDBURY BOAT CARE PRODUCTS, INC. – Sudbury products are recognized around the world as the benchmark on marine and RV cleaning products. Since 2009, Sudbury has grown their line to become the name to trust in the industry. With everything from cleaners to elastomeric sealants, Sudbury Boat Care Products have a solid reputation for performance and value.

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SYNTEC INDUSTRIES – the marine industry’s premier supplier to OEM’s and distributors of quality crafted marine carpet, upholstery and cabin vinyl, peel & stick outdoor quality multicolor striping, logo medallions and graphics. Syntec offers a wide range of products that offer durability and cost-effective solutions for after-market and OEM applications.

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TACO MARINE – Established in 1959, Taco Marine is a family owned and operated global leader in the recreational marine equipment industry. Taco Marine’s innovation, quality, technical support and dedicated service provide complete product solutions for boat builders, marine fabricators, distributors, dealers and repair yards; to meet their design, performance and recreational needs. Boat builders and distributors overseas use and sell Taco Marine’s wide selection of products that include Rub Rail, Seating, Marine Lighting, Trim, Moulding, Custom Hardware, Sport Fishing Products, Stainless Steel Tubes and other Specialty Manufacturing Products.

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TAYLOR MADE PRODUCTS – One of the most experienced (over 100 years) premier manufacturers of reliable high-quality marine products. Taylor Made is the manufacturer of the world-famous Taylor Made fenders, buoys, mooring whips, dock fendering products, flags, pennants and many more popular Taylor Made marine accessories.

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T-H MARINE – USA boat builders and distributors have long recognized T-H as a reliable supplier of a unique and wide range of products which include bait well and plumbing accessories, trolling motor accessories, deck plates, hatches, outboard rigging kits, LED lighting, world famous Atlas Jack plates, Hydro-Jacker and CMC jack plates, and many other original specialty marine accessories.

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THETFORD CORPORATION – Thetford offers the most complete range of low cost portable toilets. Different models are available that offer installation flexibility to meet requirements for boats, recreational vehicles, and the transportation industry. Thetford also offers a full range of toilet chemicals and the premier range of Wilcox Crittenden manual & electric heads and hardware. Norcold is a complete line of AC/DC refrigerators and coolers for every refrigeration need. Norcold refrigerators are ideal for boats, vans, trucks, recreation vehicles and specialty vehicles. Norcold is the yachtsman’s choice for refrigerators because of their very quiet compressor and proven reliability.

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TIE DOWN ENGINEERING – Manufacturers of the world famous Danforth anchors, Hooker brand anchors and anchor kits at very competitive pricing.  Tie Down is also a major supplier to trailer manufacturers and trailer equipment distributors of hub kits, drum and disk brakes, springs, bearings, fenders, rollers and much more.  Tie Down Engineering also offers a range of deck manufacturing hardware products.

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TURNING POINT PROPELLERS– A world leader designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-performance aluminum and stainless propellers for the global pleasure-craft market. Interchangeable hub and housing technology covers 8hp to 300hp+ engines, and a lifetime hub warranty covers the boater. Our Hustler Aluminum and Express Stainless props improve boat handling, top end speed, and acceleration over low performance factory propellers.

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WEXCO – wiper systems cover a wide spectrum of needs, from small pleasure crafts to commercial sized boats. High quality dry and wet stainless steel arms, pantograph arms, stainless steel blades, 12v and 24v CE approved sealed and heavy duty wiper motors, compact motors and many related accessories.

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